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Training and education are essential to growth in any field.  Although we believe our trading alerts are what you need to establish and create a successful currency trading asset class, it is always beneficial to expand one's knowledge base.

As a benefit of your membership, we have added resources believed to be some of the best tools available to assist in your trading success.

Student Writing

Foreign currency trading is a high risk, high reward (and potential loss) proposition.  If you are looking to trade your own account and have never done so before, we strongly encourage you to take at least some basic instruction in trading the currency markets.  There are similarities between Forex and other markets, but there are enough differences to make it a wise decision to seek some education to help improve your odds for success. is a great free resource for learning about the market and how to execute self-directed trades. Click the button below to go to their free instruction website.

Open Book

Investopedia is another viable resource for learning about the Forex markets.  You can receive a high level overview of what the foreign currency markets are, and how to better understand basic Forex trading language.

Click the button below to get a basic overview of how this very large and powerful market functions on a daily basis.